Back Past Yesterday Cover


The view from the top of the Sears Tower is exhilarating. Especially if you’re about to leap off it.

Finch is a down-and-out photographer who’s lost the love of his life. Heartbroken, he decides to jump off one of the world’s tallest buildings—and the site of the most famous photograph that he ever took—until a woman named Cassidy arrives, a dove begins to un-fly, and the whole world starts moving in reverse.

Together, Finch and Cassidy set out to explore the chaos of Chicago as they’ve never seen it before—Finch trying to win back the one who got away, Cassidy trying to escape the one she can’t get away from. As they each unload the burdens that stop them from moving forward, they’ll discover that they have more control over this reverse ass-flying world than they ever imagined.