In the spring of 2003, Dan and Jose, two high school students from Oak Park, Illinois, wrote a screenplay about pranks, about trust, and most of all, about poor, long-winded philosophical voice-over monologues.

The story had no name, given the temporary (and now permanent) title of Untitled Screenplay. A year later, they wrote another– this time with a title. Thirteen years passed with little else written while the two grew up, got jobs, got new jobs, and got more new jobs.

In the spring of 2017, Dan suggested to Jose the concept of starting a website focused on writing fiction. Dan, overdosing on coffee while spouting out a flurry of ideas, received a four word response from Jose:

“I’m good with that.”​

And thus began the development of Hidden Fox Fiction, a story studio where we write original works in a variety of styles, genres, and formats, with a focus on thrillers.

Dan would probably call Hidden Fox Fiction “the culmination of everything he’s strived for over the last twenty years of his life."

And Jose would probably just call it “a thing that I’m doing now.”

Whatever we call Hidden Fox, we know we're interested in great stories and the future of fiction. And if you're here, we know you are, too.



A word-vomit assembly line of big picture perspiration, Dan stubbornly goes out of his way to drown out logic and reason. He mixes story chemicals with no regard for structural consequences, then runs out the back door when the lab explodes and lets Jose clean up the mess.

Dan was born in Chicago and lives in Colorado. To keep his soul tethered to the midwest, he grills on a Weber, reminds himself daily the Cubs won the World Series, and gives anyone a scathing glare when told generically exploitive chain restaurants offer anything other than warm, deep-dish hamster trash.



Jose is the structure and the order of Hidden Fox Fiction. A bit calmer, a bit more methodical, and a bit more infuriatingly slow-paced when it comes to conceiving ideas, he is the meticulous Yin to Dan’s frenzied Yang. A framework magician, Jose pours the foundation and leaves it to Dan to make something interesting.

Jose lives in Chicago, where his pastimes include running, video games, and fantasies about relocating somewhere with a more pleasant climate. Then he remembers that he’d also have to relocate two cats, and decides to just buy a heavier jacket. Also, he may or may not own a hawk.


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We’re glad you’re here.